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R hino Medical believes that working Locum Tenens (Latin for Place Holder) can and is a rewarding path for many healthcare providers to follow. Multiple factors directly contribute to the satisfying career choice, job satisfaction, location, minimization of stress factors, location, and total compensation package. If all of those can be met and even exceeded then "Living La Vida Locums" can be your new mantra.

A lot of Locum Tenens jobs are in areas where a large pool of healthcare providers are not readily available or a position is needing to be filled only temporarily. Healthcare facilities contract Rhino Medical to find and ensure that only highly qualified, properly licensed, and ready to work providers are either presented for screening or directly placed. The team at Rhino works hard to ensure that provider licenses, credentials, and other details are taken care, including no-cost malpractice insurance! This frees up our providers to focus on doing what they love to do, provide great healthcare services. When you are freed up to do what you love, it's not a job.

With Locum Tenens jobs being all over the country, located in a variety of locations from densely populated metropolitan areas like Dallas / Fort Worth to sparsely populated scenic locations like the shores of the Alaskan wilderness. Rhino Medical's providers enjoy the travel benefits of our in-house travel schedulers who ensure that we meet your specific travel needs. Available with a live person 24X7X365, Rhino Medical is able to help solve any travel needs for our providers. Once again allowing our provider to focus on healthcare and to enjoy their new surroundings when not with patients.

To minimize the stress for our providers Rhino Medical employs in-house credentialers, in-house travel schedulers, in-house recruiters and account managers who work hard to know you and your specific needs. At Rhino we value our providers and focus on anything we can do to help them in their career. We know that in order for our providers to be able to focus on the care they give, they need to be stress free. By working with Rhino Medical providers can expect better than average pay rates and teams of in-house professionals focused on reducing the stress of healthcare providers.

With nearly 40% above the national average for Locum Tenens staffing rates and no-cost malpractice insurance, healthcare professionals working with Rhino Medical tend to stay with us. Moving from location to location they enjoy a life of travel, fulfilling work and a growing savings account.

Overall, working a Locum Tenens job can be a very rewarding experience and working with Rhino Medical will ensure that you have a rewarding career or a short term break from the normal routine without sacrificing pay and security.

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"I really like going home, everyday, knowing that I was able to give a provider some time back or options to work in new places by helping them get new licenses and credentials."


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